I'm here to provide you with quality long arm machine quilting, the last step in making your pieced top an heirloom quilt. As professional machine quilting has become more widely accepted, the need for this kind of service has expanded.  Del Sol Quilts is here to finish your quilt tops with quality workmanship.

I'm a quilter, I know how much time and effort was required to make your beautiful quilt top.  Be assured that your quilt will be handled and stitched with the same care and dedication you put into piecing it. I look forward to working with you.

The process for creating a quilt is a long one. It all starts with dreaming up a design or selecting a traditional pattern. The next step is finding the perfect fabrics with the right colors to complement the design. Once the fabrics are found, it is time to cut them up and sew them back together to create the pieces that will be transformed into a quilt top. The last step in finishing a quilt top is... to machine quilt it! Once all these elements come together we have an amazing quilt.

My experience creating quilts is extensive, my gallery is a testament to that. Each one of my quilts is like my baby. I promise to treat your quilt with the same care and respect. Please feel free to review my work.
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